Post-FAKUMA 2018

The FAKUMA is behind us and we can proudly look back on a successful trade fair with many visitors at our booth. The news presented, such as the upcoming FIT-controller with integrated touch panel in addition to the keypad and OPC UA interface, improved suction boxes for more suction power and much more convinced almost everyone.



This FAKUMA was full of interesting new changes and our visitors were quite happy about what we had to show them.


The upcoming new and improved FIT-controler is equiped with a touch screen in addition to the integrated keyboard for more intuitive operation. It will be possible to combine the touch screen and keyboard when navigating the menus and entering values, but this is not a must. For those with a preference to operate the FIT-controller with either the touchscreen or the keyboard allone, this will also be possible. All Farrag Tech units that are equiped with a FIT-controller will be delivered with the new version as of the second quarter in 2019.


The newly designed suctionboxes make it impossible to insert the suction lance the wrong way, guaranteeing the best possible output at all times.


We have new and improved locks on the service doors of all resin drying units so that a screw driver is no longer necessary. Now a removable handle is delivered with every unit, providing more leverage to seal the door on our CARD units.


Automatic filter cleaning for our material loaders VacuJet and FIT-Loader has been improved greatly by redesigning the air distributor and using a 10 mm compressed air hose as a reservoir so that more power is available with every burst. This helps to further reduce service intervals of the exhaust air filters and improves the suction power which would suffer through dusty filters.


We were also happy to introduce a new product in our palette; a rack and pinion drive which helps in changeing materials on production machines. This product is available as an automatic or manual version and with the ability to switch between 2 or 3 different materials. The products will be known as Farrag Tech RDA2 and RDA3 for the automatic versions or RDM2 and RDM3 for the manual rack drives. They can be used in combination with FIT-Loaders, VacuJets or any similar conveying unit for supplying the material.


A new size of MAP unit, the MAP XS has also been introduced as a prototype at the show and will be available as a final product in the first quarter 2019. This is especially useful for smaller mould enshroudings and for customers who prefer to use one MAP unit per moulding machine.


Last, but not least Aaron Farrag was happy to attend the trade show for the first time in his new position as CEO and owner of Farrag Tech GmbH and is proud of the achievements of his team and company.

He looks forward to presenting the many improvements that the Farrag Tech team is still working on at the moment during the next K-Show in Dusseldorf, Germany in 2019 as well as many more happy customers in future years to come.

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