Initial loading with FIT-Loader now made better

We have added an initial loading function to our CARD units for the FIT-Loader.


When loading a CARD unit with an empty hopper by FIT-Loader, it was a bit teadious because the maximum number of loading attempts was set to 8 and then a loading alarm would occur, warning that there was no material being loaded because the flap would not be held open.


We have solved this problem by indroducing a new parameter to the loading menu.

When this is selected, the max attempts can be set to 999 and the function counts down with every attempt.

Once "0" is reached, the loading mode automatically switches over to the standard parameter set, so that there will once again be a loading alarm in case material runs out.


For support about this, or any other function or feature on any Farrag Tech unit, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your local representative or Farrag Tech directly.

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