Renew old machinery from Fasti or Farrag Tech for up to date equipment and receive 10% discount!

Old to new

Farrag Tech stands for innovation and energy efficiency.
Both attributes do not apply to old machines that no longer meet today's standards.

For this reason, we have decided to give our customers the opportunity to renew their existing machines at extremely attractive terms.

Fasti or Farrag Tech devices that are at least 10 years old can be replaced with an equivalent model, to which we grant a 10% discount.


Until the end of 2019, we will replace dryers, internal air cooling and mold area protection devices. Our new products offer you the following benefits: New equipment warranty, mostly better energy efficiency, better usability, better controls and interfaces, and higher compatibility with today's machinery and equipment.

For more information, contact your Farrag Tech partner.

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FarragTech GmbH

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