Internal Air Cooling System

The Internal Air Cooling System raises productivity by up to 200 percent while improving the quality of your blow moulded products by exchanging the internal cavity with cold air during the cooling phase. This reduces material stress and automatically shortens the cooling time.

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The cooling phase is one of the most critical and at the same time one of the longest processes in blow moulding. The large temperature difference between the water cooled external side of the product and hot uncooled inside produces stress in the finished part. This reduces the overall quality and can lead to failure of leak-, strain-, and/or drop-tests.


For this reason we developed a cooling system with compressed air, the Internal Air Cooling System (IACS).

In most cases raw material savings of up to 10 percent were possible. Experience has shown that the return on investment is between two weeks and six months.

Your advantages
Less material stress

Constant air exchange for less material stress and higher product quality

Productivity boost

Productivity is increased by up to 200%

Material savings

Up to 10% raw material savings

How does the Internal Air Cooling System work?
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Product overview

The FarragTech-team in Wolfurt/Austria has developed the IACS with an innovative spirit and over 25 years of experience in the plastics industry. Proudly we present the BMB and BAC systems to suit different needs, budgets and quality standards.

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